Solar Cell Vocabulary 1

  • Utility Interactive System: A PV System that connected to the Utility Grid
  • Bimodal System: A PV System that operates Stand Alone/Utility Interactive
  • Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA): Decides who connects to the utility
  • Distributed Generation: When many smaller power system help the utility produce power
  • Qualifying Facility (QF)/Independent Power Producer (IPP): Large scale power producer that shells to the utility
  • Interconnection Agreement: Agreement between the utility and the small scale PV System
  • Qualifying Facility Agreement: A contract between the utility and a qualifying facility
  • Power Quality: Refers to frequency, voltage, harmonic distortion, etc that gets fed into the utility power outage
  • Islanding: Un wanted power flowing trhough power lines during a utility outage
  • Net Metering: A meter that spins in two direction
  • Dual Metering: Use two meters, one for production and one for consumption.

33432 – 33132 – 24424 – 132


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