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Solar Cell Vocabulary 2

Direct Mount: The PV modules mount directly to the conventional roof material, eliminating the need for a supporting framework. The modules must not distrub the roof covering’s weather tight integrity and be adequately sealed using appropriate sealants.

Rack Mount: The PV modules are supported by metal framework and are set at a predetermined angle. The Rack-Mounted Array is placed on the roof with the rack bolted on the roof’s structural members.

Stand Off Mount: The Stand off mounting systems place the modules parallel to the roof with an air gap between the two surface to gain adequate airflow under the modules. The modules are placed on the channeled rails anda clamped down to the rails with ‘top down’ clips that grasp the alumunium frame.

Ballasted Mount: Ballasted mounting systems are designed for flat roofs and do not requare penetrations. The rely on weight to prevent uplift from wind. This is often accomplished with concrete blocks.

Building integrated Mount: Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems are electric generating systems that are integrated into the building shell. BIPV products can take place of taditional building materials such as shingles, overhangs, skylights and windows, and provide many auxiliary advantages compared to standard array options.



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